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...met in London’s performance scene. Both artists share a common interest in conceptual performance art and movements. They work together on experimental choreographies / installations and are interested in using the whole body [Mind, Face, voice, emotions, Impulses…]. In September 2010 they have found the art collaboration [Re:artzzZ]. [Re:artzzZ]'s performances have been presented at different festivals in England and Mainland Europe. Since 2013 the collaboration is expanding internationally, and has a second base in Frankfurt / Germany.

Monday, 6 December 2010

A silent move [improvisation]

Impro session in November 2010:
In our last impro session we've focused on the RELATIONSHIP between FACIAL expression and BODY movement. ASTA NIELSEN'S physical acting in her silent film HAMLET [1925] has formed the starting point of our improvisation.

We have discovered some interesting movements in this session:
Slide show:
[silent move 2] by
...patrizia carlota
[silent move I] by

... regina fichtner

Friday, 3 December 2010

Our newest project: ASTA NIELSEN IS DEAD - [a silent move]

Asta Nielsen: Self portrait 'Hamlet' (fabric collage)
”The silent film actress Asta Nielsen died in 1972 / A performer doesn’t have a long life on stage / One of us has to die / Soon” might be the first subtitles in this performance. Two female performers using methods found in silent films. We will experiment with silent movements, slapstick, mime and subtitles. The aim in this production is to find a new form of dance, physical theatre and dance pantomime.

As in silent films the performers will suffer from the tragedies of love & attempt to escape bizarre and humourous accidents. At the end there is just one open question: Who is going to die?