About us

...met in London’s performance scene. Both artists share a common interest in conceptual performance art and movements. They work together on experimental choreographies / installations and are interested in using the whole body [Mind, Face, voice, emotions, Impulses…]. In September 2010 they have found the art collaboration [Re:artzzZ]. [Re:artzzZ]'s performances have been presented at different festivals in England and Mainland Europe. Since 2013 the collaboration is expanding internationally, and has a second base in Frankfurt / Germany.

Monday, 13 February 2012

The world of dreams is our inspiration for this new project

Contact us for more info on how to submit your own dreams!

CALL OUT FOR DREAMS! ------------ We are working on a new 'surreal' piece called 'Cocteau's Face in The Eiffel Tower' inspired by documented dreams and Jean Cocteau. 
If you have had any interesting night or day dreams let us know about it!!!!! At the moment we are selecting dreams from different sources and we would love you to be involved. For more info contact us on info@reartzzz.com ------ Looking forward to hear from you!!!! Regina&Patrizia

Friday, 3 February 2012

Our new teaser of the last project

Have a look!